Monday, November 13, 2017


Who am I?

I like photos that people can connect with. That is, photos that connect with the senses as well emotions- photos that tells a story about an event, life, nature, etc. When I look at a photo it should be able to capture once of the senses and or an emotion. Therefore, I hope the photos in my portfolio, connect with anyone who sees it, such as friends and employers. Moreover, they should tell of who sherine is. Sherine is artistic and creative. She likes photos that are unique and outside the box, yet it connects with people and life in general.

Who Am I

The goal of my portfolio is to help find clients for portrait photography and to showcase my filmmaking and video work. The struggle is showing off my desired dark aesthetic while also pandering to people who aren't as into that.

Portfolio Idea

I would like my portfolio to be based off work experience, so that I can show it to an employer. Over the summer I attended the EAA air show and was able to capture over a hundred images. There are a wide variety of shots to choose from. I also like the fact that the images give a sense of history regarding aviation and how planes have transformed over the years. Personally I have an interest of photographing automotive and aviation. There's something that catches my eye with the sense of detail that each air craft possesses. I think creating a video of the history/timeline of EAA would be great to go along with the photos as well.[]=airshow%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=photography%7Ctyped


In this portfolio piece, I would like to cover travel photography as my main piece, while incorporating studio shots as well. In doing so, I will need to look at other major photographers such as Trey Ratcliff and Dory Younes for inspiration. In covering my portfolio piece, I would like to use this as one of my main works when looking for potential jobs in the near future.

Portfolio Plans

I am going to use my portfolio as a professional representation of my work I have done through my internship and college career.  I want to showcase some portraits that I have taken, graphic design, social media marketing, and web Design.  Overall, I want the portfolio to have a creative theme and hope to impress future employers.

My current portfolio is still under construction, but it does have an "outdoorsy" feel.  My blog is about the Northwoods and I have pictures that are outdoors up north. I am also planning to do my video about a restaurant up north, so I think that this could be a possible theme for me. 

Professional Portfolios

Who Am I

My biggest passion, is connecting with people. I love photography and writing because both passions allow for me to make connections. I am a photojournalist. 

I love talking to people, interviewing people, going behind the scenes to grab the perfect photo, then going home and writing my heart out. 

Half of me wants to design, orchestrate, and market social media platforms for businesses. The other half of me wants to connect with the world and write about the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. -Honestly- I'm still figuring it out.

Portfolio ideas

I want my portfolio to feature my work as a writer. I have focused on news writing for my duration at The Advance-Titan, so my portfolio would focus on those aspects of my experience. I would also include the photos I took for stories I covered. None of them are particularly great, but it shows that I can take a coherent journalistic photograph and offer a dual skills in a pinch.

My Portfolio

I would like my portfolio to be a generalist portfolio that shows I am handy with a camera, and can photograph whatever I happen to be around, although I am not a professional photographer by trade. Having as many tools as possible at my disposal is something I'd like to convey to any employers who happen to view my portfolio.

Here are some portfolios that I feel are in a similar vein:

My Portfolio Vision

Although I'm not going into photography as a career, I still want a place where I can showcase my photos. I'm nervous about making my photos flow, since I don't necessarily focus on one type of photography. I looked up portfolios that I thought were well organized and had a great flow of photos, which is something I want to portray.

Favorite portfolios:

Portfolio Ideas

For my portfolio I want to highlight things that interest me but keep a simplistic layout. I am not looking to be a photographer so maybe I can include some of my social media and graphic design work within my portfolio as well to make it more personal and reflective of me. For my video I want to focus on student athletes and how they balance their time so I could incorporate similar sport photos to keep an overall theme.

Three portfolios that interest me are:


Who Am I

I would like to be able to have a job focused around photography, video, or both. Ideally with a diverse portfolio and range of topics, from landscapes, to portrait, and anything in between. "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel." That is what I want out of my career.