Monday, September 21, 2015

Matt Schulz, Alison Herrmann, Kaitlyn Murray, Chelsea Phillips, Kathryn Kubasta

Schulz 3 exposures 

Herrmann 5 exposures
Murray 3 exposures
Phillips 5 exposures
Kubasta 5 exposures

1 comment:

Timothy Gleason said...

Hermann's 5 shows the up and down of HDR. You brought in some great detail. The sky has that shift from blue to aqua that we often see in HDR.

Kubasta, you may be able to select the remove ghosts option to get rid of that blurriness in trees.

I like that composition, Phillips.

Murray, you can adjust the color to remove the blue. But it definitely shows one of the possible side effects of HDR.

Not much sky detail, Schulz, but those leaves look 3D.