Monday, September 21, 2015

Jake, Katie, Danny HDR Photos



Matt Schulz, Alison Herrmann, Kaitlyn Murray, Chelsea Phillips, Kathryn Kubasta

Schulz 3 exposures 

Herrmann 5 exposures
Murray 3 exposures
Phillips 5 exposures
Kubasta 5 exposures

HDRI Assignment

Andy Bogusz
Emily Conlee
Alyson Beckman
Haylee Helmle
Sep 21, 2015

These are our pictures for the HDRI assignment. Each  picture has a different shutter speed while maintaining the same f-stop (f-22); iso set at 200.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alyson Beckman

My name is Alyson Beckman. I have a passion for photography. I enjoy being outside and taking photos of nature and animals. 

Alison Herrmann

I'm Alison Herrmann and I enjoy traveling and incorporating that into my photography. My favorite place to travel is Europe, specifically the U.K. This is a photo I took this past summer when I was in Capri, Italy. I like to attempt to capture the culture of where I travel and enjoy taking photos of scenery and architecture.
My name is Mariah Tralongo. Though I do not shoot as much as I once did, I enjoy photography that tells a deeper story. I have a love for documentary film, so I want to incorporate that into my photography. I want to capture life as it's happening. How we see the world in its true form.

Here are a few examples of photos I wish I had taken myself...

Hilary Shandonay- Interests in Photography

My name is Hilary and I love taking pictures that play with different perspectives within a picture. An example of this would be the picture I posted of Seattle's skyline. Instead of the audience just seeing the skyline in the distance, I like that the audience can see the buildings through the glass and the fence as well.

Emily Conlee

The majority of my photography is comprised of nature photos. However, I really enjoy experimenting with shutter speeds to capture light trails or objects frozen in motion. Rather than capturing images you may see day to day, I enjoy using photography to capture images that you can not experience with the naked eye. This photo was taken near an airport and captures a light trail from a plane taking off.

Kathryn Kubasta

I really like photography that is taken from odd angles or that has some kind of illusion or interesting feel to it. I love using photoshop to edit cool things like this, but it's especially neat to be able to actually shoot the photo that way in real life instead of editing it.

Kaitlyn Murray

I am Kaitlyn Murray and I enjoy travel photography and architecture photographs.
Photo by Kaitlyn Murray, Batalha Monastery, Batalha, Portugal

Haylee Helmle - Photo Interests

I'm very interested in taking sports photos.  I've been around the sports environment and I was able to see the photographer, Shawn Hubbard, take photos at a Green Bay Packers Training Camp practice.  His photos captured the emotion of the players and I really enjoyed viewing them.

I'm also interested in taking photos in the studio.  I've never taken studio portraits before and I look forward to learning more.

Photo by: Shawn Hubbard Photography,

Photo by Walter Arnold

I've always enjoyed finding beauty in old or abandoned things. While I like photographing a wide range of subjects, I find myself the most comfortable alone with my camera capturing an indifferent scene.

Danny Kobin - Photo Interests

I'm into soccer and photography, so I'd be interested in doing some type of sports photography. In general I think sports photography can be pretty boring (mainly news and event photos), but I'd love to do more unique shots, almost lifestyle shots, with soccer. Above is a photo by Nathan Congleton, a New York based photographer whom I admire.

Environmental Photography - Katie Salzmann

I don't have a huge preference about what I'm photographing. I enjoyed the challenge of creating an ad series for the final project in Media I, but I also enjoy taking pictures of people. Not necessarily portraits of a posed person, but more environmental photographs, giving us a better feel for who these people are and what they like to do.


    I like to do freeze action photography as well as macro. I also find post process manipulation stuff       pretty cool. Above I googled macro eyes and this one stood out to me because of its gritty abstract       ness around the bright green eye. It probably started out as a pretty average close up of an eye but      then the author took it further altering it digitally.

Sports Photography

I would like to take photos of things pertaining to sports. I love doing portraits in the studio. I have a rugged kind of look to my images and I want to expand that. My portfolio right now has no studio images. It is also just filled with images of BMX and skateboarders. I want to expand this into the studio and show that I can create my own images rather than just waiting for the decisive moment. There is no specific way I want to photograph people or products. However, Andy Batt's images capture what I would like my images to look like.