Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Samer and Adam


Adam J. said...

I regret choosing the third one with the angle parking signs now that I see it on here. There were a couple other photos I was looking at that I probably should've used instead

Anonymous said...

Well, Adam, there is a certain balance here with 3 of yours and 3 of Samer's.

As a complete set, I am very torn. I like them as sets of 3 more than one set of 6.

I might have moved angle parking to top because it seems anticlimactic after the others, especially with Pure Pleasure in there. That's Oshkosh. Your second pic may be too loose on the right. I'd pull in from right closer to Repp's sign to balance the space on both sides.

I like the bottom photo smaller than larger, which isn't the best sign. The best of the crossing is the middle one because of the eye contact. Funny how you caught a j-student eating on the right.

I wish photo with bike--I think another j-student--had walkers blurrier and with bike still mostly frozen.