Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Katy, Andrew and Taylor Street Photography

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Dr. T.R. Gleason said...

A real mix of images. The top three are really unusual and are bold. That food must be disgusting. An open crock pot in that rust bucket. #2-I do wonder if the sky is too dark/grey and wouldn't mind seeing the original. The third one scares me because it was right after Halloween and it looks like blood.

The pumpkins are interesting but are so distant. I understand the compositional reasons but it is hard to see details.

Funny how Panhia isn't doing her shooting. Who are you texting, Panhia? A bit busy with Deniz (?) on left and car, although blur helps.

Pink kid shot--I want to see their expressions. Lots of sidewalk. Why?

Scary locals. This slaps you in the face and calls you Mary if you get facial details. Get close.