Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Group Street Photography

Photos by Elizabeth Granberg, Deniz Cakmak and Panhia Lee

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Anonymous said...

1-What's with the hat, schoolboy? I'd complain about not shooting from front, but the sign gives you points.

2-I'd go slightly looser on the bottom, but I haven't been able to make that suggestion yet. Otherwise, cool. Unusual.

3-Without the jeans and the blur I'd go, "Huh?" Click on it and see the impact.

4-Top of the morning to you, mate. I wish that cement beam wasn't there, but I guess the building shouldn't fall. That shirt has to be red or green for it to work. Got lucky there. But love the pan.

5-Nice composition except I'd move to the left more and be centered under that opening. Too off-center.

6-Unusual. That blue is so important to the picture. Be careful because blue is bleeding.