Sunday, November 06, 2011

Attempt #2

I had another assignment-less Sunday at work today so I took some time to go out and shoot random locations around Oshkosh. I started by revisiting the area I photographed for the shootout last week because there was some interesting stuff going on there I wanted to shoot that I didn't have time for during the shootout. In addition to the new photos I got, I took Dr. Gleason's suggestions on one of my photos and re-shot it with the criticism in mind. Basically, I just shot from a slightly different position to remove some of the empty space on the right side to give the photo better balance(though I did still end up cropping some in post-processing). Changing position also had the unintended benefit of showing three additional signs in the photograph; the Hwy. 21 sign, the traffic signal on the far left, and the "keep right" sign beneath it. I also got a car in this one, which I like...I think. Knowing that I still had a little space to work with on the right, I kinda want to go back and shoot it again from even further to the right to try and bring the traffic signal in away from the edge of the frame a bit. Anyway, I think this one is an improvement from the first attempt. What do YOU think?

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