Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Amber, Danielle, Jenny


Anonymous said...

I'll go top-down.

I like the concept of the top pic with the similar backpacks, both wearing jeans, and both with red in the sneakers...and red tops. I feel there is too much space to make a stronger impact, however.

2--headband. I feel similar about this as the first shot. Interesting idea but too loose with the pole and leaves distracting, even if they are blurrier. Get in closer to the detail.

3--The looseness on the skateboarder works better than on the earlier pics. Nice lead space. I'm a little curious how panning would have worked here, but it stands out.

4-yawn is interesting but also far away so loses some impact. Needed big telephoto here.

5-red on steps is cool, nice mood, moment

6-smoking is bad but I like how you are close (for picture, not lungs)

7--too bad red car is there. I'd like it better with van alone.

8--truck, like how it feels like you are about to get hit

Danni said...

So, you're glad I'm about to get hit by a truck? Thanks.