Monday, October 03, 2011

Artist's Statement

Why that angle? What is it about this photo that makes you see something that you may not have really paid attention to otherwise? These are just a couple questions I ask myself as I photograph people and or inanimate objects. Art is such a broad term and can really be interpreted differently by everyone. My goal is to capture an expression in such a way that you can make your own thoughts about the exact reason for my photo.

From the first day I got my point and shoot camera back in 7th grade, I was snapping photos left and right. I would try and capture just about everything that I came across. When I didn’t have my camera on me I would still in my mind analyze the frame of a scene in front of me. I’m constantly creating ideas in my mind of how I would have someone stand or what I would have as a background or foreground. I was never really interested with the standard portrait photo; I didn’t think it showed whom that person really was.

Although I mainly photograph people and am very intrigued by the untraditional portraits or angles to capture, I truly enjoy capturing those still life photos as well. Recreating the seven deadly sins, for example, was one of my favorite projects. Trying to recreate emotions or actions from a simple word really brings out the creativity in my photography. My goal overall is to just enjoy my own work and share the uniqueness of my style to others who will appreciate it.

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