Monday, October 03, 2011

Artist Statement

I’ve always been interested in shapes, colors, textures and the way they evoke emotions out of people. In general when you see a certain color, you feel a certain way. A color can serve as a calming effect or can evoke certain memories. You associate color and emotions together a lot of the time. To me, shapes are very important as well. In photography a round object can represent something fluid and never ending. When you incorporate that with a certain color or texture it can change your whole perception of what you are looking at. All of these three things together can make a picture more dynamic and more interesting to look at.

When I first got into photography I really wanted focus on fashion photography and portraits. I liked fashion photography mainly because I enjoy fashion and liked to look at fashion magazine pictures. Fashion in itself is all about color, shapes, and textures. I liked the way the colors and textures of a girl’s outfit could evoke her emotions in the pictures. Often if you saw bold textures and patterns combined with bright colors she was smiling or laughing in the photo. I liked the way you could mike different textures together and make the photo unique.

Then after taking media photo 1 and travel photography in England I realized I like to take natural looking stuff. I like taking photos of nature and of people in their natural settings. I was really confused on what I wanted to focus on after that revelation. Then I realized that every photo incorporates colors, textures, and shapes! You can take a picture of a person and use different colors and shapes and that can evoke different emotions out of the photo. You can do nature photography and take pictures of leaves (open project assignment example) and show the different types of textures and colors used. Each photo can evoke different vibes and feelings. What I’ve decided to focus on is different shapes, colors, and textures and get inspiration from that.

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