Monday, October 03, 2011

Artist Statement

I don’t think. Yes, that is probably the least professional or technical way of going about photographing subjects, but my methods consist of curiosity and luck. If something interests me enough, I will take a photo; and sometimes that is as much thought as I put into it.
On the other hand, sometimes I will overthink it, especially when it comes to the decision to actually shoot the subject in the first place. Hesitation is my worst enemy and has led to many missed opportunities. However, it also has also forced me to be more creative and work with what I have.
Explaining my overall work process or interests is difficult because they don’t always appear to go together in many ways. That is probably because I am still experimenting with what styles and techniques I actually enjoy. The theme of my work is that all of the objects or people being photographed managed to get some sort of feeling out of me. More simply put, I like them and I want others to see them as I do.    

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