Monday, October 03, 2011

Artist Statement

It’s always tricky to take night photos. Whether the subject is still or in motion, it’s difficult to frame up and get the lighting just right. Growing up in Milwaukee I’ve always had a flare for the nightlife. During the summer nights in the city there is just always something going on and something to photograph.

From the heavily inebriated high school students getting put in the back of a squad car at Summerfest to the Irish Catholics singing along to a reggae music at a French festival in downtown Milwaukee, people tend to act with less inhibitions when the streetlights go on. Almost like different people.

Subjects tend to change drastically when photographed at night when compared to their daylight counterparts. Something as simple as a traffic light during the day wont turn as many heads as one that is lighting up a city corner at night. It’s an interesting dynamic and I’ve always leaned towards taking night photos as they depict everything in a different light.

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