Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Artist Statement

I enjoy many different types of photography; one of my favorite things to photograph is people in environmental settings. I enjoy photography and the outdoors combining the two seemed natural to me. I think that people add an interesting dynamic to photos versus just photographing a landscape.
I also enjoy the photojournalism side to photography. Sometimes the events that I have to cover as a photojournalist can be hard to capture a stimulating image. It is always very exciting for me to capture an image that can show the true feeling of the event. Photojournalism can be very also difficult because as a photographer you are rarely sure of what will happen next, being able to capture an image without that planning is also very rewarding.

For me photography is about capturing something special, showing the true personality of a person or the feeling of event is what makes it enjoyable. Since I am new to photography I want to continue to experiment with the different type of photography while still continuing to capture the true beauty and personality of my subjects.

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