Monday, October 03, 2011

Artist Statement

Photography makes time travel possible by freezing one moment and sharing it with the viewers. It lets people experience more than they could in just the time of their own lives. Sight is a strong sense that can affect our emotions, memories, and connections between the image seen and the vision of the photographer. Photography is a unique art form that is always changing.

One of my favorite things to play with is shutter speed. It relates to the time and motion of a subject. When we freeze motion in a photograph we can see things that we sometimes can’t catch and examine in real time. It is similar to using a longer shutter speed, in which the viewers can examine seconds of life that people never see in real time.

Studio photography and portraits interest me the most. To photograph someone and get the results you want you must be able to take time with the person and have an understanding of the desired results. The outcome is never concrete and is more difficult than with an object. There is also the possibly of different ideas between the photographer and the model that can result in something you would never think of.

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