Thursday, September 15, 2011

Municipal Worker by Adam Jungwirth

Snapped this one this morning after passing this guy on the Oshkosh Avenue bridge on my way to class. I think he's changing a bulb on a street light. After passing the man, I parked on the end of Summit Avenue and then ran up the shore of the river to get within viewing distance, so I didn't have a lot of time to compose before he came down, maybe a matter of 45 seconds or so. I got one other composition from a bit further back where you can see the entirety of the crane-like thing he's standing on but it was less interesting. If I wasn't already late for class I would've hung around a bit to see if he went back up. It definitely could use some clouds in the upper left portion of the photo, but what are you gonna do?

Edit: I tinkered with this thing a bunch, and went between black & white and color, but it seems nothing can remedy my dissatisfaction with not being able to get closer :(

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