Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Texture and Structure

Structure: anything composed of parts arranged together in some way (dictionary.com)

Screws and other metal parts found in an unused art locker

Texture: the nature of a surface other than smooth (dictionary.com)

Blue oil pastel

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Jaslyn said...

I really like the shallow depth of field in the photo of the screws (and the photo below for that matter). However, I wish the screws on the right side of the frame were in focus instead of the ring on the left side of the frame. Without the text below the photos, I am not sure I would have known its structural meaning. Overall it is a nice standalone photo, but not necessarily for the theme at hand.
I really like the idea of textures found in artwork. The angle is definitely there, but I am too distracted by the oil crayon. I think showing the texture of what the oil crayon had created instead of the oil crayon itself would have made for a better texture photo. Again, overall it is a nice standalone photo.