Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot-Out Numero Dos...Patti & Mindy

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Jaslyn said...

I think the first photo does an excellent job of showing hidden structure in what looks like a rather chaotic arrangement. It is very busy, but reminds of me of a flea market scene where structure somehow prevails among the collection of randomness.
On the second photo I am torn between whether or not I like the inclusion of the greenery. I like the contrast it shows in the texture between the tree and the green leaves. However, I think changing the angle and limiting it to just one of the elements might have better depicted the texture.
I see both texture and hidden structure in the third photo. There is a lot of interesting texture on the limbs of the tree. Again, perhaps a side angle shooting very close on the bark of the tree might have revealed a little more texture or hidden structure that comprises a tree. The lighting in both the second and the third photo is rather flat, making it difficult to see all the textures that are present.
The colors in the fourth photo really make it pop off the page. I'm getting a lot of pattern out of this image. I keep wanting to stare at it and find some hidden structure or shape within the patterns of color.