Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot Out 2: Structure and Texture

Drain hidden by large rocks.
 Photo taken by Lindsey

Enclosed storage and benches hidden behind bricks and bars.
Photo taken by Lindsey

Texture displayed on a campus tree.
 Photo taken by Clayton

Texture on a wall of bricks.
Photo taken by Clayton

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Jaslyn said...

I think the color scheme for the first photo helps with the hidden structure element; however, I think it could benefit from a tighter crop, eliminating the cement and manhole cover. This cropping would allow the viewer to see the contrast of rock and drain, making the viewer focus on the drain that is being hidden by the rocks. Perhaps a lower vantage point would help show only rocks and the drain.
The brick wall/fence in the background of the second photo strongly pulls the viewer's focus away from the bench and enclosed structure. Perhaps using a shallower depth of field would have allowed the viewer to focus on the benches and/or the shed instead. Taking a step back and allowing a little more of the rectangular frame around the edges of the photo to stand out might have driven home the hidden element a bit stronger.
The tree photo has exactly the angle needed to show the texture of bark on a tree. Excellent work! I really like the shallow depth of field. It gives me just enough of an idea of what the texture is on the tree without distracting me with the entire tree. I think the photo would have benefited if you had cropped in on the left and right to eliminate the distracting white sky. That would allow the viewer only to focus on the beautiful texture and hints of color.
The last photo allows several great views of texture via depth of field and contrast among the layers of bricks. I'd recommend cropping out the very right edge of the photo so the viewer just sees the multiple depths created by the positioning of the bricks. The perspective on the bricks easily allows the viewer to see the detail texture on the masonry. The angle also gives the viewer a sense of hidden structure among all that brick work.