Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creepin' Around Campus

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Jaslyn said...

People often say there is structure in a messy desk, even though to most of us that structure remains hidden. My eye goes everywhere in the photo and doesn't know what to focus on. I'd suggest finding something you want to viewer to focus on and compose your image around it.
The second photo has great leading lines and perspective. I'd recommend cropping the top of the photo out to get rid of the ceiling lighting. This would allow the eye to head straight down the aisle instead of focusing on the brightest portion of the image. Maybe even consider finding an aisle without a person in it since the strong lines bring the viewer right to the person, overlooking the structure created by the repetition of books and shelves.
I'm having a hard time seeing the texture in the third photo. I see great patterns, but the angle of the camera makes it difficult to see the texture created by the tiles. Perhaps putting the camera directly on the tiles and adding dimensional lighting would have revealed its texture more.
Basketballs have an interesting texture, especially new ones. I think this photo would have benefited had you captured a portion of the ball that didn't include text since my eye goes straight to the upside down Wilson. A tighter crop to eliminate the background would have forced the viewer to see only the little bumps on the ball.