Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot-Out Numero Dos...Patti & Mindy

Texture and Structure

Structure: anything composed of parts arranged together in some way (dictionary.com)

Screws and other metal parts found in an unused art locker

Texture: the nature of a surface other than smooth (dictionary.com)

Blue oil pastel

Shoot Out 2: Structure and Texture

Drain hidden by large rocks.
 Photo taken by Lindsey

Enclosed storage and benches hidden behind bricks and bars.
Photo taken by Lindsey

Texture displayed on a campus tree.
 Photo taken by Clayton

Texture on a wall of bricks.
Photo taken by Clayton

Texture and Hidden Structure --- Alex M

Hidden Structure and Texture


Hidden Structure

Katie Texture and Hidden Structure

Structure and texture

Creepin' Around Campus

Door and windows hidden behind the outside window.
Different textures within construction junk.

Hidden Structure and Texture photos