Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rebekah's open assignment

Here is a link to winery photography by Rebekah: REBEKAH'S wineblog please enjoy!

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Anonymous said...


It is interesting to see your style develop over these assignments. There were close-up shots for Earth Charter and the studio shot. Through these different assignments you are constructing an interesting food portfolio.

I like how you tried to make the images different. My one complaint is that all the food shots are direct on. I wonder if different perspectives would fit into your style--maybe looking straight up and down. Just to break it up a little.

You can use a number of these in your portfolio but you will have to be careful using too many or it will be grape heavy.

My comment early in the semester about the bruised food migth have seemed a little harsh, but I do think you are looking more carefully at which ones you choose to shoot. The bumpy pep is a good example of finding a good one.