Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome, Phil

Just a quick welcome to Phil Weston, who will be offering critiques of your three studio assignments (still life, food and/or beverage, and person). We will review his comments, mine and your own Tuesday in class.

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Phil Weston said...

Overall comments about what I see:

I'm pleased with what I see as first attempts with studio lighting by Photo II students.

Remember the same principle applies with light as it does with content in the image. "More is not more, it's just more."

If a picture does not work, learn from it and discard it, the go on. That is the beauty of studio work. You can easily say, "this is crap," throw it away and try something else. Unlike the ever changing life of street photography.

A respect for negative space and figure/ground is very important.

Lack of climax, peak action and gesture can kill a studio shot just as easily as it does a street shot.

Shape is the enemy of color. The more you are aware of shape, the more it detracts from color. Also line and form.

And lastly - want to get better at studio photography? Learn from the masters. Study what painters have created with paint and brush for centuries. They had control of light on their canvas just as you do in the studio!

Thanks for letting be look over this work Dr. Gleason!