Friday, October 06, 2006


Shane with rosary.

Gummy Bears.

And some shoes...

Photos by JR Lambert


incredibrill said...

I LOVE your portrait!!

Phil Weston said...

JR_Rock21 -

Shane with Rosary shows you are working with the study/control of light. The shot has gesture and a climax created with the balance and direction of light you've given it. Gummy Bears could use the same attention you've given the Rosary. "Shoes" shows some promise and the placement and shadow are both a start. Negative space and figure/ground is very important.

Anonymous said...

We all like the rosary. Good integration of color and action. Peers should notice how body action is minimal but makes difference.

Gummies blend a bit. The detail is lost. Could use the white of the table to allow more differentiation.

You are losing some detail in the bottom half of the shoes. Kick in a little light for detail.