Friday, October 06, 2006

studio stuff


Phil Weston said...

Mike B -

I can tell you took this studio assignment seriously. the first shot "woman with hat" has a mystery about it which is created by the light coming from her left. Nice placement. The instrument has a nice quality of light as do the onions.
The last shot has the start of nice composition, but might be a little too flat.

Anonymous said...

Forehead has a little shine to it. Try tightening the shirt in back--avoid the folds. I like how you integrated a prop in portrait.

Good color and composition in the mandolin shot. Simplicity works with how the instrument goes back.

I love the red onion. Nice change. A little chaos in the mix and nice detail. A black object would help to offer a little shadowing and more roundness. It would help block any light bouncing back.