Sunday, October 08, 2006

studio pictures

These pictures are better, especially the highlights on the sweatshirt. That's probably not cool that I left the floor and the edge of the backdrop in the frame. I guess we'll see. There's a shadow on the left of the hockey stick blade. What was left of the root beer in the bottle blended in with the black cloth. That sucked. Framing and arrangement of the still life stuff is kind of dull, I didn't really mix that up a whole lot. And since when did ice crinkle up like that? I wish I had root beer right now, though.


Phil Weston said...

Jeremy -

There is an old saying, "Don't make it perfect, make it right." The first picture needs lighting from one direction or the other to make it interesting. More is not more, it's just more. Is there a climax to the picture? Is this peak action?

The hockey puck needs something to bring it out. It does seam to get lost.

And the root beer shot makes my eye wonder where it is sappose to go. To the empty root beer bottel or the glass? One of them is crying out to be in front. Which one? How can it be lit to be more dramatic?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, no, not cool on the bottom. I like how you captured the nature of Jason. But the image is another one I scrolled past, because I am not drawn in. It is interesting that he has his hood on and is wearing a hat. I'd like to see you play with the form of the hood and hat--allow that to control your frame.

The detail on the hockey shot makes it interesting. It is a bit ambiguous, yet I still can piece it together.

The root beer has a great foam, but the way it sits next to the bottle reminds me of Jason's coffee shot. A more creative positioning or addition of contextual elements would have helped. How about a vinyl counter like at a soda fountain? I feel distracted by the empty bottle but there is nothing more to keep me in the photo.