Sunday, October 08, 2006

Studio photography

Headshot of Kendra. She may be a star someday.

Reflective fruit

Do you write letters?

I am sorry if it seems too stale..


Phil Weston said...

Rachel -
Of these three the postage stamp and oranges images work best. Although I would suggest more light experimentation. May I suggest trying light from the top down only? It is the responsibility of the photographer to create some drama to an image. blasting all sides with an equal amount of light may not be the answer on a 3D object. If the images seem stale to you it may be because you need to experiment more with control of light. If a picture doesn't work, learn from it and go on.

Anonymous said...


I like your subject, she had the advising appointment before she went into the studio, so I had a sense of her personality. You caught her personality well. However, the image doesn't grab. I tend to scroll right past it. As Phil commented on the mailbox, it seems like you are lighting just for exposure, and the images came out a little dull.

The composition of the oranges is a little too literal. Just there in front of me. Oranges have great detail. I want them to make me hungry! Get in closer. Make them juicy.

The mailbox feels more two-dimensional than I'd like, too. More dramatic lighting--not a lot--but enough to give it more shape would help. I clicked on the pic and it came up small. I'd really like a larger one to see the detail. That would help its impact.