Thursday, October 05, 2006

Studio Photography

"Ripe tomatoes so the audience can tell Opal J. Ferrari how they feel."

"Opal J. Ferrari"

"The crown so the judges can tell Opal J. Ferrari how they feel."

The theme of my three photos were to explain what would happen if Opal lost or if Opal won the Miss 1226 Pageant.


Phil Weston said...

Beth -

Pretty in Pink! I like the way your mind works. Crown shot needs more experimenting with light. Too much is just that. You might have seen it before from me here...but more is not more, it's just more. That applies to light just as it does objects. Try the crown shot again with less light on the background and more making the specular highlights of the jewels jump out. Opal's portrait? My she is stunning! The tomatos need a little more work both with composition and light. Background is too blown out. What might have been a better background? A stage floor with a single light (like a spotlight?) on them? Keep working it.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to see some of the detail on the crown because of the mix of light and background. Image looks washed out.

I'm not sure what the aim of the portrait is, but the lighting seems fine. When I say aim, I mean attitude.

Bright white background distracts. What kind of background goes with icky tomatoes?