Sunday, October 08, 2006

Studio photographs


Phil Weston said...

Kate -

Nice work with studio light! The first image is the most successful of the three. Although I would have liked to have seen more of the subject's leg leading to her feet so I wouldn't think she has a growth coming out of her back. But your control of light show's you are thinking! You are experimenting with the direction and intensity of light in all of these shots and seem to take responsibility for every pixel in your frame. That is very good. The glass beads (last image) works well with it's control of light and depth of field.

Anonymous said...

The markings in the red pepper drive me a little batty. I'd like a better looking pepper. Good choice of subject for colors, though I'd close the gap in the top-middle frame. The peppers brushed with oil might give more of a glisten to sparkle.

A little different positioning of subject would help. You have such nice light on her face (look left side) and right shoulder that the rest of her distracts.

The beads look good but I wonder about adding a small number of a different color (same style) to break up the design a bit.