Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun in the Studio


Phil Weston said...

Incredibrill -

I tell you worked hard and enjoyed this studio assignment! Nice lighting and composition in all three shots. I liked the meandering look of the last subject to his right. The only suggestion I would have is to see you experiment more with keeping the subject out of center more. But in all - nice trips for the eye to take!

Anonymous said...

The piece of leather falling onto the baseball I found distracting. I do like the detail.

The tea and newspaper shot is simple but enticing. I wonder about having so little of the tag hanging past the cup. Am I supposed to see the tag? Is it an ad for the tea, so should I see the tag? The white of the mug can be brought down a bit.

The portrait lacks some crispness, and the highlight can be brought down a little. The highlight on our leftside of the background is pulling my eye over.