Sunday, October 08, 2006


Phil Weston said...

Jay -

You are understanding that light direction creates drama!
The portrait (first one) works best of these three. The mouse image seems to have too much happening and the coffee one needs a lot of work. I would suggest working harder for that image. Try an "over the steaming hot cup" view with the House Blend being where you want my eye to go in the background. Speaking of background, the photographer is responsible for everything in the image. The wrinkled backdrop is distracking. Options? Drop it out of focus, less light, etc. That's the beauty of studio work - you control everything!

Anonymous said...

Like Phil, my eye went to the background. In fact, I think there is too much of it. I'm not sure if Jeremy is supposed to look sinister or just thinking. His hand looks gigantic. We will check in class.

For me, the mouse is the most interesting shot. The clear casing offers a nice reflective surface.

You are really saving money by using that same background over again, huh? I'd like something to give me atmosphere, like a coffee bean sack or something that looks like it. Or, make a cafe setting. It looks too orderly--it lacks a theme, an essence. One way to make steam--although I'm not recommending this in our studio--is to use cigarette smoke through a straw, and then pull the straw out with a plate or napkin underneath to avoid drips. The professor who taught me this was a chain smoker. Aah, Jack, rest his soul.