Sunday, October 08, 2006


Phil Weston said...

Jessa -

Nice to see you experimenting with light direction and intensity! The first image, "Sobe" needs more work to get my attention. The second image "scharf" is the best of this group. Lady Luck needs more work with light. Too much light in a picture can be as detrimental as too much stuff leading to the age old photographic quandry of more not being more, it's just more. One light coming from subject's left onto her face, then just a small amount of directional light on the lady luck. Force the viewer's eye to know exactly where you want it to go.

Anonymous said...


The beverage's color is brillaint but the image as a whole just seems to exist. Can you add any elements with red to bring out the red in the bottle? In this composition the South Beach Diet circle becomes too prominent. I don't feel energy.

The scarf makes me ponder. It almost seems too much like the bottle shot. I'm left wantinig something more. Either add on or maybe have a fallout of depth of field leading to the bulk of scarf in a more prominent fashion.

Phil made a good comment about the lighting. The use of the red lipstick is good, but without much color the lighting needs adjustment to provide direction.