Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trying to stay tied to the Earth Charter topic I decided to choose why earth charter is something that people need to be informed about and people need to embrace. Not out of laziness, but out of disgust, I decided to give you a look of how lazy people are and how eventually this will all catch up with us. Within a quarter block radius (not exact) I found so much trash that it was embarrassing to see. I think that people need to be respectful of our environment and stop being lazy. I see people trying to recycle, but they can’t seem to place the recycling bag into the correct bin. It’s like that everywhere, and it keeps getting worse. The photo of the bike rack shows a clutter of garbage behind it. To me this shows that even though people are trying with the bikes, they don’t have time to correctly dispose of their crap. In regards to Earth Charter, I think that people who are responsible enough to care for the environment need to encourage others to embrace the meaning of Earth Charter. It’s a good thing.


Anonymous said...

The images are pretty clean in terms of color, with the notable exception of the bike photo we talked about in class. This photo is not on par with the other images. As a package it is a little disconnected. Like some of the other projects, it needs a better connection photo-to-photo. The basketball photo has good aesthetics, but the garbage photos' literalism does not enhance the aesthetic qualities. The basketball photo can be sharper. The light/darkness of the pics is good.

Beth Roettger said...

I wish the lines of the parking space were more to the right. The problem with all the garbage that you have at your apartment is not different to move in/move out at the dorms. The only thing is the university will clean it up so the campus looks good. I wish this wasn't the case and people cleaned up the garbage for a deeper reason. Congrats on the white of the chair. I had to worked a furniture company two summers ago and had to crop and do color balance on a white chair very similar to yours. It was very difficult so good job. I wish I could see the garbage with the bike rack picture but otherwise good.