Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This Could Have Been A Parking Lot

This park is located on the grounds of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, near the Western edge of Milwaukee. The park includes several breath-taking buildings, fountains and lawns. It was once in danger of being partially demolished.
The location of the grounds is perfect for rolling green hills of grass and trees, complete with ponds and local wildlife habitats, but it was also next to a venue that needed more parking. The new Miller Stadium looms over the grounds, but it was decided to spare the parks and buildings, and flat black asphalt had to be built elsewhere.

Conservation is an important part of keeping aspects of our environment untouched. Even though the park is in the center of a metropolis, it allows vistors to have a taste of something unpolluted. These grounds have even more importance to the veterans who sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles for medical care.


Anonymous said...

The color correction problems still exist. Two other things bother me. One is what I mentioned in class--no contetxual photo to show the neighboring urban intrusion. The other is no person. Can you show a person appreciating this space? Remember to adjust the image size so when it is enlarged it doesn't look pixelated.

Beth Roettger said...

Your photos are very interesting since I was wondering where this was located. The fountain looks like something out of Europe or Savannah, GA. Nice.