Tuesday, September 26, 2006


One of the parts of Earth Charter’s principles is preserving the renewable resources such as soil, water, wood products, and marine life. For my project I documented each one of these renewable resources in the Oshkosh area. For my first photo of soil, I chose a farmer working in their field. I originally was pleased with documenting the farmer in the photo, but decided to go further with showing the for sale sign, which was located in front of the field on the street in the Lake Butte des Mores area. I was excited to document the vanishing farmer since this shows that instead of crop production this field will become most likely homes therefore not protecting the renewable resource of soil. For my next photo of water, I took a photo of the Fox River just before it went into Lake Buttes des Mortes. In the Oshkosh area, water is an easy subject to find to photograph. The interesting part is thinking how will I create the photo. For my next photo of marine life, I thought this would be a trickier photo since it is a renewal resource that is found in Oshkosh, but it is usually not seen as much as the other resources. I went to Menominee Park to photograph marine life and took a photo of a duck. The duck is a more common reminder of marine life. It is also a forgotten form of marine life because when people think of marine life they think of fish and underwater animals. I also photographed a pier full of seagulls, which is high supply along with Canada Geese in Oshkosh. I originally photographed trees thinking they were a renewable resource when actually the Earth Charter says wood products are. The pier of seagulls ended up working for this resource.


Anonymous said...

This was another project with some good photographs but somewhat inconsistent. The duck photo needed cropping or a different element in the bottom. The top photo is missing something, which more visually connects the renewable aspect with the image. Is there anywhere in the area with a visual example of water renewal?

Beth Roettger said...

The cropping of the photo is an easy fix to make the photo better. I thought the dock was kind of cool for some reason. As for the renewable aspect of the water. Maybe the Water Treatment Plant located on Lake Winnebago and near my favorite park Menominee could be a photo option. Thank you for the comments.