Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earth Charter

There has been a new push for alternative energy due to the increasing fuel costs. Because of this we now see and have alternative fuels available. There has been a new push for bio-diesel to be used in semi’s and large trucks because the engines are cleaner burning, which is better for both the equipment and the environment. Even in the small town of New Glarus, you can now find bio-diesel.
In addition, renewable energy resources are increasingly being used. Small businesses and some homeowners can now afford solar panels to help provide energy to their house or business. Shown here is a solar panel on the Labor Temple in Madison. Other renewable energy resources being used are windmills to run wells and power generators. Geo-thermal energy is being experimented with to heat large buildings and schools.
Admittedly, the use of alternative energy resources is not widespread, but every day more people are using them and every little bit counts, and will affect the world we live in, from flowers to raindrops.


Anonymous said...

This is a 50-50 package. I like the aesthetic qualities of half the photos but the other half don't interest me too much. So you need to tie the photos together in a better way, but also find, hunt and search for a way to make the sign and solar panels more interesting. Also, the blue sky behind the solar panels looks artificial--it needs more color balancing. The sharpness and lightness/darkness is improved from Photo I, but I’d like to see you take up the whole project another notch.

Beth Roettger said...

You should have chosen between either close up plants or renewable energy. In town there is a ethanol gas station and you could have done wind power, which I believe is on Hwy 41 or corn. Otherwise your close ups are beautiful and crisp.