Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earth Charter

Farmer's Markets are great for the community, the Earth and support Earth Charter principles.

Farmer's Markets allow people in the community to sell their products locally which has great benefits for the Earth. First the goods sold at Farmer's Markets produces less garbage from packaging, which is almost nonexistent at the market. Also, the less distance traveled by the good, the less gas and pollutants there are emitted into the air. Lastly, the Farmer's Market helps connect a community economically and socially. These ideas are some of the principles of Earth Charter promotes.
The Farmer's Market in Oshkosh takes place every Saturday 8-12:30 from June to Halloween in the City Hall parking lot off of Church Street. At the market you will find vegetables, fruits, flowers, jewelry and much much more. Here are some pictures that were taken at last weekend's Farmer's Market.

Onions: This is the first year that PaJia and her family are at the Farmer's Market. Their stand contains flowers and vegetables including the onions pictured here.

Skirts: The Farmer's Market sells other goods besides fruits and vegetables including mineral makeup, goat milk soap, jewelry and clothes. Michele from DanityDaisy sews all her own clothes and sells them at the Farmer's Market.

Vegetables: Tom and Kim from Sleep Hallow Farms, Omro, have been selling their vegetables locally for 15 years. They grow everything from strawberries and corn in the summer to pumpkins and tomatoes later in the year.

Pumpkin: Sam, with his dad, Justin, pick out a pumpkin at the Farmer's Market. The pumpkins are just starting to be sold this time of year. "We come to the Farmer's Market to help support the community and the flowers are my favorite" Corine, Sam's mother, said.


Anonymous said...

An overall strong project. The inclusion of the father and son works because of the skirts and the people in the background of the one photo. People are involved in varying degrees. Shows an accessible way for people to live a healthier life without going too far out of their way. Good use of color. The onions were a good choice to photograph.

Beth Roettger said...

The first photo is a little dark in the background. Your photos reminded me to attend the farmer's market, which is earth charter's idea to educate and have people have a better relationship with the earth.

Beth Roettger said...

Sorry I meant the second picture.