Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earth Charter

Earth Charter is protecting the earth, making it better, and making it something we can continue to live in for many years in the future. It’s about people who volunteer and care about our Earth by sometimes doing simple things such as recycling or holding protests to save our forests.

By riding his bike, Clint Freund saves the environment one little piece at a time.

He gets free air in his tires where others pay outrageous gas prices to fill their gas guzzling polluting machines. Farmland and fields are

plowed over to create hug parking lots where sometimes too many slots stay empty while the bike racks on campus are overflowing with bicycles.
As Freund rides his bike along the roads of Oshkosh, he can see the bright blue sky in which Earth Carter is fighting to keep… and they are just above him, no sun roof, just a slight tilt up and you can see that beautiful sky.


Anonymous said...

An interesting take on the subject. The bicyclist with the sign in the background works well to describe the issue. As we discussed in class, there is one photo missing. So the technical aspects are good. No complaints. But we have a content shortage. That, and the lighting on the shot looking up, are the weaknesses. So overall strong just one step away from a more complete project.

Beth Roettger said...

Looks like a beautiful day to ride. Clint is very earth conscience so good choice on subject. I agree with Dr. G a few more pictures would have been nice.