Thursday, September 21, 2006

earth charter

The main principles of the Earth Charter attempt to provide a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future for the environment. The basic fundamentals of working toward a better planet for all its inhabitants include setting goals to obtain ecological integrity, social and economic justice, and democracy, nonviolence and peace.
While taking photographs for the Earth Charter project, my intention was to grasp the idea of peace and unity between humans and nature. Although the photographs I present for this assignment are all fairly self-explanatory, I hope everyone can see that I was attempting to show that people really can live with nature without doing significant harm to the environment. This is why I chose to have some part of the human body or an item associated with humans within each picture.


Anonymous said...

Very commercial looking and led to an interesting debate. Might seem too happy to be an EC project (for some people), but I like that serene, cool feeling. The flower picture does need a transition picture to fit in.

Beth Roettger said...

You heard my piece. I think these photos are very attractive. They were the first on so I thought Dr. G took them. I don't like the hands photo in the progression. Otherwise the photos are great.