Monday, September 25, 2006

Earth Charter pics

These represent the split between the natural world and the "modern" world.

In general, people hurt the planet more than they help it. Groups around the world have made the effort to preserve what is left of our precious Earth but those who don’t really care ruin what has been so carefully maintained. The Earth Charter states that we all have a universal responsibility towards the well being of the Earth and the humans living on it. To maintain Earth’s well being, we as a people must do what we can to protect the land for future generations. Vandalism, littering and pollution must not be tolerated. Where there is damage, there must be help to fix it. If there are problems on the horizon, there must be a plan in place to help avoid this issue.
Nonrenewable resources are an important part of life on this planet. Without water or air, we as a people would cease to exist. We must take care of what we have, for it won’t be coming back once it’s destroyed.
Not only must we protect the earth physically, the human atmosphere of the Earth must be maintained. Societies must remain peaceful with one another. There needs to be fairness and justice everywhere. This brings the Earth Charter full circle. People and planet linked as one will make Earth a healthy, happy place to live.
With knowledge comes power. Now that we as a society know about the problem on Earth, it is our duty to help fix it, not only for us, but also for our children future generations ahead of us.

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Anonymous said...

The first photo makes the greatest impression on me but it declines from there. I’d like the photos to be of equal quality—that to the first. The theme isn’t too divergent, though. Don’t be afraid of going in and showing more detail.