Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earth Charter Photo project

Maintaining the environment that we live in will always be a challenge. The world we inhabit is constantly shifting and changing, whether by choice or necessity. The Earth Charter is declaration established to define the actions necessary to create a sustainable and peaceful globally minded community. The Earth Charter “seeks to inspire in all peoples a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family and the larger living world.” According to the Earth charter, which was written in 1997, to create a sustainable and peaceful world society people need to respect and care for all aspects of life, act with ecological integrity, promote social and economic justice, and strive for democracy, nonviolence, and peace. These principles are high-level ambitions, but there are things on the day-today-day level that can be done to help promote the fundamental principles from which the Earth Charter was written. Through these photos there are some basic concepts about living a sustainable life. People need to develop a conscious thought process about what is good for the earth and what isn’t. One of the most basic sustainable actions is recycling. When shopping for different goods, people should look for recyclable products and packages. Once used, products should be recycled if at possible. Most cardboard and paper products have there own receptacle for recycling so there is no excuse not to. Many organic products are becoming available at local supermarkets. These products are a little more expensive, but benefit earth and recognize the need for renewable resources. Taking part in small garden plots can also promote a sustainable ecology if harmful fertilizers and chemical are not used. Through simple messages like bumper stickers and simply voicing your opinion, you can open a discourse about the application of the Earth Charter principles. Through simple routine tasks, anyone can start building toward a sustainable community.


Recycled Hair Two: Laura May lays on the ground with her thoughts on recycling. People can establish a routine of sustainable living, if they make a conscious effort to think about the earth.

Recycling: The University Gardens apartment community recycles their paper products. This small action upholds the seventh principle of the Earth Charter.

Organic Foods: Michelle Kohl stocks her cupboards with organ products. These foodstuffs promote sustainable development on a very small and individual level, reinforcing the fifth principle of the Earth Charter.

Eggplant: Grown on small garden plot, this Eggplant does its part to help the environment. The gardener of the plot where this eggplant was grown does not use harm fertilizers are chemicals to keep his plants growing. This is helps protect the Earth’s ecological integrity.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect: The car promotes the basic principles of the Earth Charter through a simple bumper sticker. It is the only car in this lot with this message plastered to it.

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Anonymous said...

Some interesting photos on their own, but somewhat disconnected. The cabinet photo of organic food is hazy. It needs to be a little darker, more defined. Refer to cropping and positioning mentioned in class.