Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Earth Charter is about respect

The fate of our earth is lies in our hands. Therefore, considering the basic principles of Earth Charter are geared towards providing a respected and peaceful environment for all the planet’s inhabitants, I found it important for me to convey the unique beauty our earth consists of and the incredible strength the force our universal nature possesses.
In order for Earth Charter to promote ecological integrity, social and economic justice, nonviolence, and peace, it is essential to understand the underestimated supremacy of nature. The force will prevail throughout time, but man and other beings will come and go in cycles. Its vigor is immeasurable.
My photos progress in a crucial sequence to best understand my concepts. First, a picture of a beautiful plant at the Paine Art Center and Garden is a perfect representation of one of nature’s exotic splendors. The kelly green leaves were covered in a thin layer of fine violet hair. Something as natural as this can only be explained in a photograph.
It is inevitable for all living beings in on our planet to eventually die and become a part of our earth. The second and third photographs portray the irreversible process of life and death in our world. The tiny bee on the second photo feeds from the nectar of the dying flower. Just as the flower once needed the bee to help aid in its pollination, the bee also needs the flower for protection and food. It is a fated cycle.
The cycle begins as a tiny plant emerges from a soft soiled ground. One day it would become part of the earth in its predestined cycle of nature. One by one, petals parachute to the ground as a flower begins to perish. The photograph of petals illustrates the humbling force of our environment. Our earth’s vigor will forever outstand that of any being. Therefore, it is important that we respect our natural world.
Coincidentally, at the end of our process, we will become an element of the earth. As the fall sun set over a row of thinning trees, a warm glow illuminated a singled-out gravestone along the lakefront. This reminded me of the impact we have on the earth and the capability we have to preserve our planet. In the end, our source of living is also our culmination. Earth Charter is about respectively living in an our environment to make it the best it can be. Treat others as you wish to be treated, because the earth is our mother and a part of us all.


Anonymous said...

The cycle of life series is interesting for its difference and quality, The images have a rich quality to them without being overpowering in color. I’d still crop out the flag.

Beth Roettger said...

I agree with Dr. G. Congrats on winning in class, and I am glad that the colors ended up working for you! I wish the picture of the yellow flower had as little depth of field as the other photos.