Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trying to stay tied to the Earth Charter topic I decided to choose why earth charter is something that people need to be informed about and people need to embrace. Not out of laziness, but out of disgust, I decided to give you a look of how lazy people are and how eventually this will all catch up with us. Within a quarter block radius (not exact) I found so much trash that it was embarrassing to see. I think that people need to be respectful of our environment and stop being lazy. I see people trying to recycle, but they can’t seem to place the recycling bag into the correct bin. It’s like that everywhere, and it keeps getting worse. The photo of the bike rack shows a clutter of garbage behind it. To me this shows that even though people are trying with the bikes, they don’t have time to correctly dispose of their crap. In regards to Earth Charter, I think that people who are responsible enough to care for the environment need to encourage others to embrace the meaning of Earth Charter. It’s a good thing.

Earth Charter

There has been a new push for alternative energy due to the increasing fuel costs. Because of this we now see and have alternative fuels available. There has been a new push for bio-diesel to be used in semi’s and large trucks because the engines are cleaner burning, which is better for both the equipment and the environment. Even in the small town of New Glarus, you can now find bio-diesel.
In addition, renewable energy resources are increasingly being used. Small businesses and some homeowners can now afford solar panels to help provide energy to their house or business. Shown here is a solar panel on the Labor Temple in Madison. Other renewable energy resources being used are windmills to run wells and power generators. Geo-thermal energy is being experimented with to heat large buildings and schools.
Admittedly, the use of alternative energy resources is not widespread, but every day more people are using them and every little bit counts, and will affect the world we live in, from flowers to raindrops.

This Could Have Been A Parking Lot

This park is located on the grounds of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, near the Western edge of Milwaukee. The park includes several breath-taking buildings, fountains and lawns. It was once in danger of being partially demolished.
The location of the grounds is perfect for rolling green hills of grass and trees, complete with ponds and local wildlife habitats, but it was also next to a venue that needed more parking. The new Miller Stadium looms over the grounds, but it was decided to spare the parks and buildings, and flat black asphalt had to be built elsewhere.

Conservation is an important part of keeping aspects of our environment untouched. Even though the park is in the center of a metropolis, it allows vistors to have a taste of something unpolluted. These grounds have even more importance to the veterans who sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles for medical care.

Earth Charter

Earth Charter is about helping the environment and making the world a better place to live in. The principle I followed in my pictures dealt with the environment good and bad. I took pictures of recycling which helps the environment. A garbage can with garbage in front of it. This is good because the campus has garbage cans on campus, but hurts that the people can't put the garbage inside. An exhaust pipe which hurts the environment, people need to keep there vehicles tuned up. My last picture is a no dumping sign next to a storm drain. It says that this drain flows into the river. This helps the environment because it is keeping the river life as healthy as possilbe.

Earth Charter

Earth Charter is protecting the earth, making it better, and making it something we can continue to live in for many years in the future. It’s about people who volunteer and care about our Earth by sometimes doing simple things such as recycling or holding protests to save our forests.

By riding his bike, Clint Freund saves the environment one little piece at a time.

He gets free air in his tires where others pay outrageous gas prices to fill their gas guzzling polluting machines. Farmland and fields are

plowed over to create hug parking lots where sometimes too many slots stay empty while the bike racks on campus are overflowing with bicycles.
As Freund rides his bike along the roads of Oshkosh, he can see the bright blue sky in which Earth Carter is fighting to keep… and they are just above him, no sun roof, just a slight tilt up and you can see that beautiful sky.

Earth Charter... That's not true!! That's impossible!!!

One of the big concerns for Earth Charter is environmental protection. One of the issues facing that concern is destruction of forrests and other wildlife due to fire.

Darth Vader is pictured here attempting to start one of these forrest fires. What he doesn't know is that the Infamous Luke Skywalker is on-looking from a distance. Since Luke Skywalker is, not only a Jedi, but also a friend of the Rebel Alliance, he is naturally prone to preserve the environment. Luke decides to take his life into his own hands to save the environment and attacks Vader. Vader, stunned by this surprise, forgets that he is still holding the match stick instead of his Light Saber, and stands no chance against the mighty Luke Skywalker. In the end, The Rebels reign victorious over the Empire and save the forrest. Justice has once again been restored to the universe.


One of the parts of Earth Charter’s principles is preserving the renewable resources such as soil, water, wood products, and marine life. For my project I documented each one of these renewable resources in the Oshkosh area. For my first photo of soil, I chose a farmer working in their field. I originally was pleased with documenting the farmer in the photo, but decided to go further with showing the for sale sign, which was located in front of the field on the street in the Lake Butte des Mores area. I was excited to document the vanishing farmer since this shows that instead of crop production this field will become most likely homes therefore not protecting the renewable resource of soil. For my next photo of water, I took a photo of the Fox River just before it went into Lake Buttes des Mortes. In the Oshkosh area, water is an easy subject to find to photograph. The interesting part is thinking how will I create the photo. For my next photo of marine life, I thought this would be a trickier photo since it is a renewal resource that is found in Oshkosh, but it is usually not seen as much as the other resources. I went to Menominee Park to photograph marine life and took a photo of a duck. The duck is a more common reminder of marine life. It is also a forgotten form of marine life because when people think of marine life they think of fish and underwater animals. I also photographed a pier full of seagulls, which is high supply along with Canada Geese in Oshkosh. I originally photographed trees thinking they were a renewable resource when actually the Earth Charter says wood products are. The pier of seagulls ended up working for this resource.

Earth Charter promotes ecosystems

I wanted to focus my project on ecosystems and how you can help insects and animals thrive in your very own garden.
My first picture is of a sunflower. Sunflowers seeds can feed a variety of birds and as you can see from this half eaten flower, birds like the seeds.
The second picture is of an open seed pod. Not only spreading its seeds to help new plants grow, but you can see that the leaves of the plant have been eaten by caterpillers.
The third is of a bee on a flower, no real explanation is needed for that.

Earth Charter

Farmer's Markets are great for the community, the Earth and support Earth Charter principles.

Farmer's Markets allow people in the community to sell their products locally which has great benefits for the Earth. First the goods sold at Farmer's Markets produces less garbage from packaging, which is almost nonexistent at the market. Also, the less distance traveled by the good, the less gas and pollutants there are emitted into the air. Lastly, the Farmer's Market helps connect a community economically and socially. These ideas are some of the principles of Earth Charter promotes.
The Farmer's Market in Oshkosh takes place every Saturday 8-12:30 from June to Halloween in the City Hall parking lot off of Church Street. At the market you will find vegetables, fruits, flowers, jewelry and much much more. Here are some pictures that were taken at last weekend's Farmer's Market.

Onions: This is the first year that PaJia and her family are at the Farmer's Market. Their stand contains flowers and vegetables including the onions pictured here.

Skirts: The Farmer's Market sells other goods besides fruits and vegetables including mineral makeup, goat milk soap, jewelry and clothes. Michele from DanityDaisy sews all her own clothes and sells them at the Farmer's Market.

Vegetables: Tom and Kim from Sleep Hallow Farms, Omro, have been selling their vegetables locally for 15 years. They grow everything from strawberries and corn in the summer to pumpkins and tomatoes later in the year.

Pumpkin: Sam, with his dad, Justin, pick out a pumpkin at the Farmer's Market. The pumpkins are just starting to be sold this time of year. "We come to the Farmer's Market to help support the community and the flowers are my favorite" Corine, Sam's mother, said.

Earth charter details

Earth Charter focuses on the whole; the whole of humanity, of nature, and of unity.

To do the work of the whole, we must first look at the individual, the details which make up the whole of our earth.

Therefore, the drop of morning dew makes up the dampness of a new day, the small petals make up the blossoming plant and the vulnerable skin encases the ripe succulent peach. Each individual makes up the whole.

Earth Charter focuses on the individuals that make up the whole of our earth, making small changes and small advances which add up to the whole and make the world a better place.

Earth Charter is about respect

The fate of our earth is lies in our hands. Therefore, considering the basic principles of Earth Charter are geared towards providing a respected and peaceful environment for all the planet’s inhabitants, I found it important for me to convey the unique beauty our earth consists of and the incredible strength the force our universal nature possesses.
In order for Earth Charter to promote ecological integrity, social and economic justice, nonviolence, and peace, it is essential to understand the underestimated supremacy of nature. The force will prevail throughout time, but man and other beings will come and go in cycles. Its vigor is immeasurable.
My photos progress in a crucial sequence to best understand my concepts. First, a picture of a beautiful plant at the Paine Art Center and Garden is a perfect representation of one of nature’s exotic splendors. The kelly green leaves were covered in a thin layer of fine violet hair. Something as natural as this can only be explained in a photograph.
It is inevitable for all living beings in on our planet to eventually die and become a part of our earth. The second and third photographs portray the irreversible process of life and death in our world. The tiny bee on the second photo feeds from the nectar of the dying flower. Just as the flower once needed the bee to help aid in its pollination, the bee also needs the flower for protection and food. It is a fated cycle.
The cycle begins as a tiny plant emerges from a soft soiled ground. One day it would become part of the earth in its predestined cycle of nature. One by one, petals parachute to the ground as a flower begins to perish. The photograph of petals illustrates the humbling force of our environment. Our earth’s vigor will forever outstand that of any being. Therefore, it is important that we respect our natural world.
Coincidentally, at the end of our process, we will become an element of the earth. As the fall sun set over a row of thinning trees, a warm glow illuminated a singled-out gravestone along the lakefront. This reminded me of the impact we have on the earth and the capability we have to preserve our planet. In the end, our source of living is also our culmination. Earth Charter is about respectively living in an our environment to make it the best it can be. Treat others as you wish to be treated, because the earth is our mother and a part of us all.

Earth Charter Photo project

Maintaining the environment that we live in will always be a challenge. The world we inhabit is constantly shifting and changing, whether by choice or necessity. The Earth Charter is declaration established to define the actions necessary to create a sustainable and peaceful globally minded community. The Earth Charter “seeks to inspire in all peoples a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family and the larger living world.” According to the Earth charter, which was written in 1997, to create a sustainable and peaceful world society people need to respect and care for all aspects of life, act with ecological integrity, promote social and economic justice, and strive for democracy, nonviolence, and peace. These principles are high-level ambitions, but there are things on the day-today-day level that can be done to help promote the fundamental principles from which the Earth Charter was written. Through these photos there are some basic concepts about living a sustainable life. People need to develop a conscious thought process about what is good for the earth and what isn’t. One of the most basic sustainable actions is recycling. When shopping for different goods, people should look for recyclable products and packages. Once used, products should be recycled if at possible. Most cardboard and paper products have there own receptacle for recycling so there is no excuse not to. Many organic products are becoming available at local supermarkets. These products are a little more expensive, but benefit earth and recognize the need for renewable resources. Taking part in small garden plots can also promote a sustainable ecology if harmful fertilizers and chemical are not used. Through simple messages like bumper stickers and simply voicing your opinion, you can open a discourse about the application of the Earth Charter principles. Through simple routine tasks, anyone can start building toward a sustainable community.


Recycled Hair Two: Laura May lays on the ground with her thoughts on recycling. People can establish a routine of sustainable living, if they make a conscious effort to think about the earth.

Recycling: The University Gardens apartment community recycles their paper products. This small action upholds the seventh principle of the Earth Charter.

Organic Foods: Michelle Kohl stocks her cupboards with organ products. These foodstuffs promote sustainable development on a very small and individual level, reinforcing the fifth principle of the Earth Charter.

Eggplant: Grown on small garden plot, this Eggplant does its part to help the environment. The gardener of the plot where this eggplant was grown does not use harm fertilizers are chemicals to keep his plants growing. This is helps protect the Earth’s ecological integrity.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect: The car promotes the basic principles of the Earth Charter through a simple bumper sticker. It is the only car in this lot with this message plastered to it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Earth Charter pics

These represent the split between the natural world and the "modern" world.

In general, people hurt the planet more than they help it. Groups around the world have made the effort to preserve what is left of our precious Earth but those who don’t really care ruin what has been so carefully maintained. The Earth Charter states that we all have a universal responsibility towards the well being of the Earth and the humans living on it. To maintain Earth’s well being, we as a people must do what we can to protect the land for future generations. Vandalism, littering and pollution must not be tolerated. Where there is damage, there must be help to fix it. If there are problems on the horizon, there must be a plan in place to help avoid this issue.
Nonrenewable resources are an important part of life on this planet. Without water or air, we as a people would cease to exist. We must take care of what we have, for it won’t be coming back once it’s destroyed.
Not only must we protect the earth physically, the human atmosphere of the Earth must be maintained. Societies must remain peaceful with one another. There needs to be fairness and justice everywhere. This brings the Earth Charter full circle. People and planet linked as one will make Earth a healthy, happy place to live.
With knowledge comes power. Now that we as a society know about the problem on Earth, it is our duty to help fix it, not only for us, but also for our children future generations ahead of us.

Earth Charter parts I and II and II

The seventh principle of the Earth Charter says: “Adopt patterns of production, consumption and reproduction that safeguard Earth’s regenerative capacities, human rights and community well-being.” The easiest part of this principle to see at work in the world is the act of recycling, reusing and reducing our consumption of resources, which is the first section of principle seven. Three photos I took represent that well. In one I’m reading a book by the window with daylight streaming in, eliminating the need to use electric lights. Having recycling containers available on campus makes recycling goods that can be recycled easy and convenient for everyone. My recycling photo shows Nick Gumm throwing a plastic container into the plastic and glass recycling bin in the Arts and Communications building. Another way to reduce the amount of resources people use is by using public transit. In my photo, Valencia Waters of Oshkosh commutes downtown by bus instead of by car. She doesn't have a car so she commutes to work and for other errands. But, reducing the amount of resources people use is not only good for the environment but good for saving money as well. Saving money always makes it easier to make the right decisions for the planet.