Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Organic beer?

When you think organic you probably don't think organic beer. Read about its growing popularity. Another photography idea. How can you visualize their difference?

Here is copy and paste from the story: "The market will continue to grow," Wolaver said. "The generation coming out of college up to age 35 is especially concerned with what's around them. They realize that they have power with how we spend our money."

Well, I have to go and drink my organic fair trade coffee from Archer Farms. It is pretty good, but it is also very strong!

Guradian offers example

One of my favorite newspapers, England's The Guardian, offers an example for you Photo II students. Here is a story on the limitations of soy's health benefits. It seems that soy beans' benefits are overrated because healthy soy is typically fermented. This is an Earth Charter-related issue you could photograph. It wouldn't be easy but it can be done!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Not a Bad Idea

Truthfulness, compassion and tolerance sound like pretty good things, don't you agree? The sign was part of a protest in Cambridge, England during the summer of 2005. It is always easy to find bicycles near a college and this is especially true around the colleges that compose Cambridge University.