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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Example

This is an example of the work I have been doing, which is capturing people in public spaces. It is partially street photography and part documenting the contemporary-to-be-history. So who knows what this photo means?

Portfolio Ideas

I would like to do documentaries about people and tell their story. This first picture isn't mine, but it gives you an idea of what i would like to do eventually. For my portfolio I am going to post pictures of people that have meaning.

Portfolio Ideas

For my portfolio I have a few different ideas. First off I do enjoy portrait photographs and incorporating nature with the portraits if it fits the individual's personality. I also like to photograph elements of subjects one wouldn't normally focus their attention on. And finally I just love to shoot nature photographs and different sunsets/sunrises when I get the chance.

Becca's Portfolio Ideas

I love to take photos of just about anything outdoors, but for my portfolio I want to push outside of what I know and shoot pictures of people, motion and I'd really love to have a series of photos that narrate a story.

This first picture is one of mine that I shot outside on my Grandpa's farm. Here's my outdoorsy love of photography coming through.

This photo was one of my very first tries in Photo 1 and I'd love to see if I could do more. It makes me feel like the subject, Chelsey, is looking into your soul. Maybe that's just me:)

Isaac Federspiel Portfolio Ideas

This photo is kind of bad, but one thing I think could be fun is playing around with light and trying to do interesting things with it.
I didn't take this photo, but I would like to get into doing close-ups on tech. I don't see myself using photos much in my future career, but this is one situation that could possibly come up and I would like to explore it.

Portfolio Ideas.

I enjoy doing portrait/event photography, so I'm thinking that is what I'll be doing for my portfolio. I posted a few of my favorite images below. I want to try more studio portraits this semester since the majority of the portraits I do are taken outside.

Alissa's Portfolio Plan

The plan for my portfolio is to take pictures of still lives (is the plural for a still life still "lives"?) in their natural habitat, that is, not taken in a studio necessarily. Photography has never been a hobby for me, and I've only taken photos in Photo I class, so all I have right now are black and whites.

I hope to shoot things like this, but finally get the chance to work in color!!

Ashley Gruenstern Portfolio Ideas

For my portfolio I'm interested in photographing food and portraying it in a way that is different than expected.  I've attached these links to websites that I am inspired by:

This is a photo that I took for an advertisement.  I tried to capture the essence of fall and create a scene that would compliment the boots.  I hope to produce photos that capture the mood and feeling that I want to create.

I tried something out of my comfort zone and took a different approach for this photo.  I want to try to keep a similar mindset by experimenting with style and content to try and create something unexpected.

Photography Aspirations of Brody Karmenzind

I have thirst for attending events like concerts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, etc. so I would like to include a little bit of event photography in my portfolio like the picture below - that I did not take - of August Burns Red.
Also, on the practical implication side of things, I do product reviews for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu apparel, gear, etc. on my blog. I would love to build out my studio work because it's a handy skill to have to diversify revenue stream in everyday life. Below is an example of a female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimono image that I would love to be able to reproduce.

Linda Derber Intro

My goal for my portfolio is to have shots that promote agriculture, the dairy industry and 4-H (with a dairy focus). 

Mariah's Introduction post!

Hey It's Mariah! The two images below will somewhat influence my portfolio I believe. I've recently found out that I love taking pictures of animals (hard as it may be). While I don't have the opportunity to photograph many wildlife animals, I do get to photograph my lion kitty, Rengar.

This picture is more about a feeling than the actual photography. I love fall photos and hope to incorporate some things like this into my final portfolio. Nature is another thing that I love to photograph and I feel that there are a lot of subjects to choose from.

Introduction Photos

I am a huge car enthusiast, so most of my photos revolve around things on wheels. I had someone else drive my car while I snapped the photo below.

When I'm not behind the wheel, I enjoy exploring. I took this photo of the Chicago skyline while I was down there this past winter.

I don't take very many photos of people, so I would like to get better at that. I look forward to learning new things that can improve my portfolio!

My Two Portfolio Pictures

These two pictures represent the stark difference between the photography that I do as a hobby, and the photography I would likely need to do in advertising. Somehow blending the nature/landscape photography with advertising photography is what I would like to do with my portfolio.

Taken at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac.This is the photography I do most of the time.

This is where I would like my nature photography to end up like.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Two Images of Significance

This first picture is of my 6 yr. old son Ivan (pronounced Eevonne).  He returned with his Mom and Brother this past May to live permanently in Oshkosh and it is a joy to be re-united with him.  Photographs of people living in their element will be predominant in my portfolio pieces.

This second picture is of a trail within the grounds of Holy Hill.  This represents another aspect of my portfolio, the wonders of nature and our environments.

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